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“Nestled in the heart of Door County and surrounded by nature, Midwest Clinical Somatics and Stone Path Yoga Studio provides a sanctuary that has brought peace and serenity to many students seeking a movement practice whose focus includes wellness, restoration, and peace.


Believing strongly in the mind-body connection, I began my journey to a movement practice by first establishing a strong meditation practice.  The beauty of sitting quietly is the opportunity to begin to truly know ones self.   We can feel from the “inside-out” where we have tension and where we have freedom.  From the Somatic perspective – there is no differentiation between bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings.  We can then take this awareness into our day-to-day life, into our practice, and learn to pause before we react or push our way through.  Quickly we realize that it is our day-to-day life that provides the backdrop for our practice to flourish.


Rather than focusing on the outward appearance of the movement, students practicing at Midwest Clinical Somatics are invited to embrace the process.  Moving consciously and slowly, the invitation is to practice in a mindful way that is appropriate for our body and functionality. 
It is never too late to discover the gift of moving with ease and grace.


- Theresa Evans



Theresa Evans is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, PhD.  She is a graduate of Somatic Systems Institute in Northampton, MA and holds a BSN in Nursing. In 2006, Theresa received her 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training with a focus in Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy. Theresa went on to study further with Gert van Leeuwin, and was Certified in all IV Levels of Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy. In 2009, Theresa completed her 500 hour Yoga Certification in the tradition of the Himalayan Institute at Yoga North in Duluth, MN. 


Theresa teaches group classes, conducts workshops, and sees individual clients who are working with chronic muscle and joint pain, mobility issues, post-operative gait issues, those who want to breathe better, and "weekend warriors" who want to balance their extreme activities with a gentler practice. She has traveled across the United States and Canada teaching the Myth of Aging: Fundamentals of Hanna Somatics to audiences of all types, from lay people trying to find their way out of pain - to Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, and other professionals curious about the benefits of Clinical Somatics.


Theresa assists Martha Peterson, founder of Essential Somatics with Somatic Exercise Coach Trainings and 3 Year Professional Clinical Trainings in the United States and Canada and acts as a mentor for those who are currently training to become Certified Somatic Educators. Her skills have been honed over 25 years of assisting others to help themselves.


Theresa is available for speaking engagements and corporate workshops with a focus on giving individuals the “somatic tools” to prevent injury, improve body awareness, and increase wellness.  Currently, Theresa is excited to collaborate with Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics in presenting “Move Without Pain: The Fundamentals of Hanna Somatics” workshops across the US, and Internationally.


When she is not working, Theresa enjoys making music with her husband Pete, hiking and long walks with

her daughter Stephanie, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, making art of all kinds, and climbing the occasional tree.



Midwest Clinical Somatics & Stone Path Yoga


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– Thomas Hanna